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Monthly Archives: June 2008

I’m creating a list of Web 2.0 landing pages.

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Recurring subscription payments in Ubercart are covered by this module.

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Some nice candidates for Serif siFR Flash Fonts are:

  • Serif Bold (Standard Gimp Linux)
  • Utopia
  • DejaVu Serif Bold
  • Courier 10 Pitch Bold

A nice san-serif font Nimbus Sans L Bold Font.  Be good to use with siFR Flash Fonts.

Deki Wiki is cool but Apache is really too bloated.

Here’s how to get it working on Nginx Ubuntu.

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Want to bulk delete .svn folders recursively?

Warning: Before you use this command make sure you have changed to the correct directory where you want to apply this. example:

cd /mysvn/path/iwant/to/delete/svn/folders

find -name "\.svn" -exec rm -rf {} \;

If you want to set a limit when you iterate a list in python slice it up by doing this:

for i in list[0:6]:
print i

This will list the first 5 items.