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Monthly Archives: December 2007

How to turn your ordinary video into a viral video.  Hidden secrets revealed.

On an interesting side note, with every heart beat a man generates an extra primed and ready 1000 sperm.

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Intravenous Vitamin C may work because cancer cells may mistake it as glucose. Glucose is used by cancer cells and Vitamin C has a similar chemical structure.

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These guys are identical twins.  Diet and lifestyle do make a big difference.  One trains for long distance running while the other trains for track and field events.
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I say yes.  Facebook etc.  I know ordinary people who spend an hour or two a day on these sites quite easily.

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ballerina flats

Was checking out some sites with a fashion slant.

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The longtail of blogging appears to not hold much money.  Certainly not in adsense, but small blogs that target specific niches selling products or services direct can be highly profitable for small businesses.

Is Social Networking best used as a feature?

Charity Events. What are the demographics of people who attend charity events?

In Calgary 40% of businesses used charity events to entertain clients.

Blueace has a sweet wordpress theme. I found it checking out their Google Calendar WordPress Plugin.

The suck thing about Wikipedia is that people plagiarized a whole bunch of content from other sites to write articles. There were backlinks as references but then Jimmy Wales added nofollow to all outbound links.

Wikipedia dominated search results and the reference articles that were plagiarized saw little benefit. Google now launched knol as a wikipedia beat down.

I guess this is karma for Jimmy Wales who is about to launch a commercial search engine off the back of his wikipedia site.

This year I forgot how old I was and worked it out by my birth date 3 months before my birthday. I worked it out wrong and through I was a year older. My friend told me I was a year younger and I was totally stoked.

Am I suffering from human memory 2.0?

When Robertson asked his subjects to tell them a relative’s birth date, 87 percent of respondents over age 50 could recite it, while less than 40 percent of those under 30 could do so.

Did Clive Thompson coin the term ‘Microcelebrity’? If he did, what an a-hole. Wish I thought of that one.

Workers are slacking more than ever before in terms of free loading internet usage at work. (research).

The only solution is start paying workers by results.

The top 5 Viral Videos 2007.

These are all commercials from corporations. Are these really the top 5 viral videos?

Check out the top 10 US Social Networking sites.

Interesting how facebook have destroyed their USP by going from being the anti-myspace to myspace on steroids.

Just today I read a quote about the internet, making money, and depression that stopped me cold. What does this paragraph mean for you, your personal brand, your business?

And why you maybe spending more time online ‘social networking’ than you ought to be if you want both better general well being and more money.

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Check this article of Ashley who is 17 years old and has mad a million with her website which she started when she was 14.

Tag Spam is when people put their posts into a billion tags whether it be on or technorati.  This is a poor short term traffic generation strategy.

If you want better search results you should have between 3 and 6 total (tags and categories combined) and they should each be 2 – 3 words in length.

Check out the authoritative Marketing Sherpa Landing Page Handbook 2008.

Read more about landing pages here.

There is a beautiful and professional sandbox theme over at Connect Direct Inc blogger Howard J. Sewell.

A new kind of Landing Page for Agora Letter – Early to Rise.

How to create pretty URL rewrites for Simple Machines Forums SMF on Nginx.

Plus how to do Nginx rewrites for Mu WordPress in folders instead of subdomains.

A Nokia Study predicts 25% of entertainment to be generated from within own peer groups.

Nokia also looked at four emerging trends that will make entertainment more collaborative and creative as we move towards Circular Entertainment. These trends are listed as, Immersive Living; Geek Culture; G Tech and Localism.

A selection of news articles on Corporate Philanthropy in Australia.

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