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I’m creating a list of Web 2.0 landing pages.

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Just today I read a quote about the internet, making money, and depression that stopped me cold. What does this paragraph mean for you, your personal brand, your business?

And why you maybe spending more time online ‘social networking’ than you ought to be if you want both better general well being and more money.

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The web is now ‘the’ platform. Some apt comments from blogging time wasters.

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Most Web 2.0 businesses have an advertising revenue model. This is a mistake and a big one. A lot of web 2.0 start ups are selling advertising to each other – its a kind of 21st century Ponzi scheme.

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Interesting Web 2.0 Paid Surveys site with the classic web 2.0 design and ajax.

Online Polls and Guide to Paid Surveys