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Monthly Archives: November 2007

I’ve lived in Australia for the past 3 years and I’ve never seen Aussie Cheese Fries anywhere?!?

This Scrapbook blog makes nice use of the Ocean Mist theme.

Pink Deals is a site which has used the Unique Blog Designs service.  You can read all about it at Gary Lee’s long weekend.

Some crackin wordpress mu home page themes.

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23 Actionable Lessons from Eye Tracking Studies.

From the original eye-tracking study.

dlisted is a drupal base celebrity gossip site with a nice simple theme.

A shoot out at the Python Ruby Coral.  Yes it’s Python vs Ruby folks!  Who’s the fastest?

This also is a nice 2.0 wordpress theme

Two wordpress blogroll plugins.

WP Microformatted Blogroll

Blogroll Page Plugin

Dusignbugg offers some great branding and design services in Melbourne Australia.

Here’s a clue. When using the timeline set the logo url and h1 url to the monthly archive. That’s what happened in Delicious February 2007.

Facebook fan pages for your blog are an interesting way to promote your blog.

finalgear.pngFinal Gear is an awesome wordpress blog and vbulletin forums which gets around 175,000 page views per day to the blog alone.

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A funny political post.  Libertarians rock!!!  I heart you Becky C.

Jenny How has some rad ebay tips including how to find good wholesalers.

Mr Gary Lee makes some interesting points here about Mark Cuban – the Billionaire Who Blogs. Mark likes to pimp a lot of his other stuff he’s involved with like the Dallas Mavericks and his HDTV stuff.
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This is a nice interview of Tyler Cruz.  Many people are happy with $10,000 per month.   It seems like a common target.

$100,000 per month has a much better ring to it though.  I wonder why?

(Sup Gyutae)

There are some great Virtual Server set ups for Debian and Ubuntu over at Slicehost.

Here Danielle talks about personal branding.

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A blog about creating passionate users with a post on Micromanagement.

Here is a cool Twitter wordpress sidebar widget.  I don’t use Twitter myself but I think an interesting concept would be to use such a widget as a comment wall.  The question is can you do it with Twitter profile photos?

Jessie Sparks plays contemporary urban ballad or pop soul acoustic if you like.

ScribeFire has a nice interface and allows you to blog directly from firefox.

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Chris Pirillo is one of the best blogging money makers around and he uses techniques almost nobody else is using.

BloggerCon IV: “How to Make Money”:

I came across some search tips at WebMasterWorld Forums from aaanativearts for finding drop ship suppliers. aaanativearts runs a successful online ecommerce store which mixes his unique products, inventory from wholesalers, and dropshipping.

He says he makes 2 – 5 times more money with drop shipping than affiliates. Three interesting new web services from Amazon Web Services are Amazon WebStore, Amazon Fulfillment, and Drop Ship by Amazon. Doba is also an interesting contrast in recommendations and flames.

DBL and Moteng seem quite genuine.

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Companies are now using entire fake blogs as ads. Companies like Sony, Walmart, McDonalds etc.

Sniffing Out Fake Blogs