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Deki Wiki is cool but Apache is really too bloated.

Here’s how to get it working on Nginx Ubuntu.

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Decentralized Social Networking articles of interest. Read More »

Ning is worth half a billion. It’s official.

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A post about decentralized WordPress vs centralized Facebook.

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FriendFeed vs DataPortability

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Here are a list of WordPress Plugins for comments, trackback, and pingback. Some interesting registration systems like Bragster and Get Satisfaction use other sign up profiles like flickr, or twitter etc.

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APML – Attention Profiling Mark-Up Language. Interesting idea.

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Find Auckland provides listings of local Auckland businesses.

I say yes.  Facebook etc.  I know ordinary people who spend an hour or two a day on these sites quite easily.

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ballerina flats

Was checking out some sites with a fashion slant.

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Is Social Networking best used as a feature?

The suck thing about Wikipedia is that people plagiarized a whole bunch of content from other sites to write articles. There were backlinks as references but then Jimmy Wales added nofollow to all outbound links.

Wikipedia dominated search results and the reference articles that were plagiarized saw little benefit. Google now launched knol as a wikipedia beat down.

I guess this is karma for Jimmy Wales who is about to launch a commercial search engine off the back of his wikipedia site.

Did Clive Thompson coin the term ‘Microcelebrity’? If he did, what an a-hole. Wish I thought of that one.

Workers are slacking more than ever before in terms of free loading internet usage at work. (research).

The only solution is start paying workers by results.

Check out the top 10 US Social Networking sites.

Interesting how facebook have destroyed their USP by going from being the anti-myspace to myspace on steroids.

Just today I read a quote about the internet, making money, and depression that stopped me cold. What does this paragraph mean for you, your personal brand, your business?

And why you maybe spending more time online ‘social networking’ than you ought to be if you want both better general well being and more money.

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Check this article of Ashley who is 17 years old and has mad a million with her website which she started when she was 14.

How to create pretty URL rewrites for Simple Machines Forums SMF on Nginx.

Plus how to do Nginx rewrites for Mu WordPress in folders instead of subdomains.

A Nokia Study predicts 25% of entertainment to be generated from within own peer groups.

Nokia also looked at four emerging trends that will make entertainment more collaborative and creative as we move towards Circular Entertainment. These trends are listed as, Immersive Living; Geek Culture; G Tech and Localism.

Venture skills tried an interesting experiment. Does social begging work?

Here is a comprehensive study they did on Stumbleupon.

 mark zuckerberg beacon

Some people are speaking harshly of Mark Zuckerberg but I’m sitting on the fence at the moment in most of the matters except one that I’ll talk about at the end of this article. At the end of the day the guys only 23 years old and he’s got a world of pressure on him at the moment. (Plus mega billion dollar signs in his eyes)

So what’s all this recent facebook hoohaa about?

Well there was the original controversy of him stealing the idea of facebook which has been in and out of court. An expose of sorts can be read about it here.

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A list of branding and advertising Bloggers on

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Bloggers on talking Publicity.

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I like this wordpress theme from this British Gossip Blog.  Good comments layout.

Here are a list of some public relations bloggers on in no particular order.

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