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The banner for this site comes from a photo taken by Kanaka under creative commons attribute.

This a mate of mine Sam and his son Sebastian.  This is the only nice photo I have from the last year.


  1. Thanks for the comment at B&B, but since its personal – i will not publish – i hope you will understand.

    Its interesting, so your mother is from Yugoslavia, Serbia?

    Where do you live?

    Just browsed your blog and see that we share some similar topics on ICT’s and SN sites..I’ll browse it later. I got you now in my Reader.

    Thanks for dropping by to Belgrade and Beyond!
    Hope to hear from you:)


  2. Thanks for your comment about my picture. I’m glad that you like it.



  3. Sir,

    Any word on MU-Facebook Connect alpha? I would like to help contribute. Thanks!

    Eddi Hughes

  4. I’m looking for the definitive wpmu nginx configuration. Your post a few years ago on the forums was very helpful, but I still get a blank page when I click on login and logout on a child site.

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