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How to create pretty URL rewrites for Simple Machines Forums SMF on Nginx.

Plus how to do Nginx rewrites for Mu WordPress in folders instead of subdomains.

You can squeeze some pretty mean juice out of your server with this Nginx, Server Side Includes SSI and Memcache set up described by Kovyrin.

Install Nginx on Ubuntu with SSL and the right libraries.

NginxInstallOptions – Nginx Wiki:

Example on Ubuntu/debian with libgcrypt11-dev, libpcre3-dev and libssl-dev installed (choose EITHER –with-md5 OR –with-sha1, but not both; on debian and ubuntu, they should both point to /usr/lib) ./configure –with-openssl=/usr/lib/ssl/ –with-md5=/usr/lib

For the easiest best and fastest set up its actually better use Nginx as your main web server serving up requests to multiple instances of the Tracd Embedded Webserver.

For instructions on how to do that visit here Nginx + Tracd + Tracd

If you enjoy bashing your head against a brick wall here’s a complete recipe for a Trac on Nginx – with Spawn FCGI Script.

Get the nginx trac fcgi recipe here