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Category Archives: Design CSS

Some nice candidates for Serif siFR Flash Fonts are:

  • Serif Bold (Standard Gimp Linux)
  • Utopia
  • DejaVu Serif Bold
  • Courier 10 Pitch Bold

A nice san-serif font Nimbus Sans L Bold Font.  Be good to use with siFR Flash Fonts.

Web 2.0 Design Tutorials.

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A list of cheap web 2.0 logo banner avatar design services.

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A Beautiful Site is a beautiful site and it shows in this article how to have external PopUp links using Jquery.

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I was checking out this wordpress theme over at savvy skin. Nice theme.

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Popcorn Ninja has a nice two column design. A lot of hype lately about Will Smith’s new I am Legend Movie.

POPCORN NINJA | Current Movie Reviews | Upcoming Movie Trailers | DVD Release Dates

Nice theme called Mandito. Blogging WV makes good use of this theme.

You can now join a group for bloggers on facebook. This site that has this article has a cool pink theme Networking on facebook.

A lot of wordpress themes are butt ugly. This one is nice.

design | pomomusings | progressive theology & design

This site made an app for facebook to help fight cancer. It has a call theme similar to 24 ways.

LIVESTRONG and Fight Cancer with the Facebook App