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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Update: Forget Wine. Virtualbox from Sun is free and far superior. You can run Ie6, Ie7, Ie8. You’ll need to go to the following page and follow the instructions. It’s important that you read down the comments to get everything set up as needed.

Main article, and comment.

If you get a blue screen of death on start up you will need to start safe mode by (frantically) hitting F8 at Windows boot and choosing safe mode. Once in safe mode run regedit and change Start value to ‘4’ for the following then restart windows:



Further References Ubuntu ie6, ie7, ie8, Bluescreen fix.

How to install and run Ie6 on Internet Explorer on Ubuntu Ibex with Wine Tricks.

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If you’re moving or copying MySQL Binary files be sure to do the following:

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Hilarious excerpts from SlashDot – a nerdy tech site on an article about male fertility:

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I looked at different ways to “Search and Replace” Text in Files Recursively using the Linux Command Line.

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