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If you’re having issues with search engine friendly URL’s in K2 you can use the Artio JoomSef component with the Artio JoomSef k2 extension.

You need to change the following file /components/com_sef/sef_ext/com_k2.php.

The following getItemTitle function in the SefExt_com_k2 class needs to be replaced with this function:

    function getItemTitle($id){

        $database =& JFactory::getDBO();

	if(preg_match('!:!', $id)) {

	    $idExplode = explode(':', $id);

	    $id = intval($id[0]);


        $database->setQuery("SELECT `title`, `alias`, `catid` FROM `#__k2_items` WHERE `id` = $id");

        $item = $database->loadObject();

		$cat = $this->getCategoryTitle($item->catid);

		$name = $item->alias;

		array_push($cat, $name);


		return $cat;


One Comment

  1. I don`t get the category title shown in the pagetitle. Do you have a fix for that? I use Artio JoomSef.

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