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Monthly Archives: October 2007

WordPress MU 1.3 is out and it includes the changes from wordpress 2.1.3 with the tagging feature.

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I was checking out this wordpress theme over at savvy skin. Nice theme.

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I wish I was going to the blogworld expo to party with Ms Danielle but I’ll have to settle with the Melbourne Cup and Melbourne Wordcamp.

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pink ribbon

Dean J Robinson has some nice wordpress themes.

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Pasim is a Malaysian fashion and promotions blog using Redoable Lite theme.


This little tutorial shows you how to search for url’s and convert them to hyperlinks using komodo edit.

Search: http://(.*)/
Replace: <a href="http://\1">\1</a>

Regular expression tutorials for Python and Grep.

Tutorial One

Tutorial Two

Search and Replace regular expressions for vim.

Tutorial One

Tutorial Two

This site is like an instant Post Secret site where you confess stuff. It makes ads off adsense.

Confessions from Anonymous Australians

Interesting Web 2.0 Paid Surveys site with the classic web 2.0 design and ajax.

Online Polls and Guide to Paid Surveys

It’s the Google vs Facebook PR Death match.

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Ray Hopewood – The Technology to be President.

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Making a winning facebook app is like mining for gold. Less than 4% have 10,000 or more subscribers.

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Recruitment Agents are beginning to use social networking platforms like Facebook more and more to recruit staff.

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What we need is the ultimate comment aggregator which allows you to talk between platforms.

Decentralized Dialog and “The Evolution of Comments” «

Facebook is launching a new ad platform called SocialAds. Read all about it here.Facebook goes anti-social.

Riceplate is a ‘stuff’ blog.  All kinds of interesting stuff like boing boing only different.


Jacqui Morris helping out with stuff at the Melbourne Cup.

Making her marque has become massive and started to develop top rankings for many terms. It’s a aggregator which uses content from yahoo search results which users then rank to adjust which content is displayed.

A fine line between schpam and a winning site.

Ben over at instigator blog has a lot of high quality content which I will be following much more closely from now on. Some quick actions to take to build up your social media profile.

Popcorn Ninja has a nice two column design. A lot of hype lately about Will Smith’s new I am Legend Movie.

POPCORN NINJA | Current Movie Reviews | Upcoming Movie Trailers | DVD Release Dates

Nice theme called Mandito. Blogging WV makes good use of this theme.

Adrian Wajsbrem has this article with lots of useful info on blogs, the blogosphere, and blog tools.  Kind of like a blog cheat sheet.

Blogosphere Exposed | Adrian Wajsbrem Blog

VideoEgg pays $8 – $12 per thousand impressions according to an article I refer to in my who wants to be a facebook millionaire?

Ad Network – Overview | Videoegg

More stuff for the Pink Ribbon campaign. This time Pink Ribbon Flash Drives. They give a measly 10% of the profits.

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