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Monthly Archives: January 2008

I came across a guy named Clark Covington offering Custom Press Releases for $97.00.

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Here’s a nice Web 2.0 wordpress theme from Marketing Pilgrim. Here they review the Marketing Sherpa Landing Page Handbook.

Adam Gilchrist’s website has a nice pre-sell for the design company who did his website.

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Ebay Pulse reveals the most popular searches and the largest stores on Ebay. Ebay still has some of the cheapest targeted traffic for ecommerce stores around.

ClickTale allows you to record and see what uses do when they visit your website.

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Jonathan Mendez comments on landing page optimization for 2008.

Fascism is on the rise throughout the world.

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Stuffed Tracker is an alternate to Mint Stats.

How to stare your business through Hyperinflation.

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An interesting 60 minutes episode on the sub prime meltdown.

One of those interviewed was James Grant of Grants Interest Rate Observer.

Mike Stathis is a venture capitalist. He has two books of note.

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Interesting article on Military Keynesianism.

Drupal Webforms allows you to easily create questionaires, contact, request and register forms. Does it allow you to create multi-step forms?

WP Calendar for WPMU. WordPress Mu.

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Video Page which shows how to use Google Maps with YouTube Videos.

1 column, 2 column, fluid, fixed blank bbpress themes.

A neat graph of a leads, conversions, sales funnel.

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Cforms plugin allows you to create forms for submission on wordpress blogs. There is a nice selection of CSS form user examples.

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heath ledger joker dead

Australian actor Heath Ledger has been found dead in his apartment at the age of 28.

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Set your Ubercart up with a grid view, with this grid view catalog module.

High Temperature Solar Thermal systems turn water into steam to power turbines that create electricity.

100% of US electricity could be powered by an area of 90 miles by 90 miles. Ausra.

Here’s a tutorial which shows how to get Amazon MP3 Downloader working on Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon with Wine. An official linux version is in development and will appear here when released.

ben bernanke

A recent study showed that daily ejaculation can potentially increase fertility in human males.

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Waldmanns Multi Panels are ultra strong housing panels prepared with a unique combination of fibre and concrete.