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Category Archives: Wordpress Themes

Thematic is a pretty cool theme development framework for WordPress although I believe it can be improved.

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The fundamental blog layout can be pretty crap for converting visitors unless you have exceptional content that can’t be found anywhere else.

The ‘above the fold’ (top of the page before scrolling) area on most blogs is usually taken up by one story and a bunch of basic links in a sidebar. Layouts like Smh homepage are optimized to get a user to click on an article with a selection of images associated with articles.

Hot images can really help increase ctr. The band of images near the bottom of the fold on the shm is a proven converter.

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Amazing Grace is a beautiful WordPress theme from Vladimir Prelovac.

Here is an interesting Blog Hosting Model.

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How to create an extract arrays in PHP.

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function unregister_problem_widgets() {

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A beautiful MU WordPress theme at this action sports blog site, seshn.

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Aral Balkans use of the K2 theme is nice.

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I decided to make a list of potential hot themes to Ubercart.

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Fluency Admin Theme for WordPress is a plugin which changes the WordPress backend.

WordPress 2.5 has had a mixed bag of responses with its new admin.

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Steven Osborn wrote this Django for Google App Engine. Read More »

Silhouette is a sweet WordPress theme.

Nice web 2.0 theme from Snipplr.

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Top 40 Free Blog Hosts. A comprehensive list of free blogging services.

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Here’s a nice Web 2.0 wordpress theme from Marketing Pilgrim. Here they review the Marketing Sherpa Landing Page Handbook.

ballerina flats

Was checking out some sites with a fashion slant.

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Blueace has a sweet wordpress theme. I found it checking out their Google Calendar WordPress Plugin.

There is a beautiful and professional sandbox theme over at Connect Direct Inc blogger Howard J. Sewell.

This Scrapbook blog makes nice use of the Ocean Mist theme.

Some crackin wordpress mu home page themes.

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A shoot out at the Python Ruby Coral.  Yes it’s Python vs Ruby folks!  Who’s the fastest?

This also is a nice 2.0 wordpress theme

finalgear.pngFinal Gear is an awesome wordpress blog and vbulletin forums which gets around 175,000 page views per day to the blog alone.

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Some more free wordpress themes.  This time Web 2.0 style.  These are simple yet elegant themes.  They’d be great for a Mu WordPress install. – Free WordPress Themes:

This guy has a great blog.  Some clever thoughts in a lot of areas and a pretty design.

10 Tips for Optimizing MySQL Queries (That don’t suck) | 20bits

Simple sandbox theme with the nice square photos as the blog header.

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