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Category Archives: Wordpress Plugins

Sometimes wordpress plugins can interfere with the basic functionality of wordpress such as uploading files.

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How to use the WordPress bundled jQuery.

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google video search pop up plugin

I’ve created this plugin called Video Search Pop N Code which allows you to search for videos, watch videos, get embed code, and format code within your wordpress editor without refreshing your browser.

This technology users the Google Ajax Search API.

Details and download of the plugin can be found here.

LightWindow is a lightbox function that you can use to create YouTube PopUp’s.

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Here is an interesting Blog Hosting Model.

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How to create an extract arrays in PHP.

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function unregister_problem_widgets() {

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Here’s a JavaScript Blog Client called “Blog This“.

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Fluency Admin Theme for WordPress is a plugin which changes the WordPress backend.

WordPress 2.5 has had a mixed bag of responses with its new admin.

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WP Calendar for WPMU. WordPress Mu.

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Cforms plugin allows you to create forms for submission on wordpress blogs. There is a nice selection of CSS form user examples.

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Blueace has a sweet wordpress theme. I found it checking out their Google Calendar WordPress Plugin.

Two wordpress blogroll plugins.

WP Microformatted Blogroll

Blogroll Page Plugin

Here is a cool Twitter wordpress sidebar widget.  I don’t use Twitter myself but I think an interesting concept would be to use such a widget as a comment wall.  The question is can you do it with Twitter profile photos?

Key Mu WordPress developer Doncha has created a new WordPress Super Cache Plugin.

WordPress Super Cache 0.1 at Holy Shmoly!:

Deepest sender is an awesome blogging client that runs in firefox.

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Adrian Wajsbrem has this article with lots of useful info on blogs, the blogosphere, and blog tools.  Kind of like a blog cheat sheet.

Blogosphere Exposed | Adrian Wajsbrem Blog

Boatloads of developers are signing up to the facebook platform.

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