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If you’re having issues with search engine friendly URL’s in K2 you can use the Artio JoomSef component with the Artio JoomSef k2 extension. Read More »

Nginx fastcgi cache with php-fpm can be a super fast of serving WordPress Mu.

Nginx WordPress Mu FastCgi_Cache Conf Rewrites are an interesting thing to get set up because of the cookie situation. You also don’t want to have wp-admin php files cached either. Read More »

Assuming you’ve downloaded ./configure && make && make install the latest nginx and have mysql, svn already installed. More info on installing svn and setting up svn here.

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If you’ve created a new larger elastic block store volume from a snapshot with more disk space and size you will need to also resize the partition.

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I read this article on php-fpm init script but it didn’t have one.

You can use the php-fpm init.d script below. You need to change the variables at the start for your bin, conf, and pid to suit your set up.  PHP-FPM works great with Nginx.

Not sure if WordPress will format this script right so you can get as a text file here:

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Robb Wolf writes a brilliant comparison of Weston Price vs. Paleo Diet with a fair look at both sides of the argument.

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Proper syntax for svn import on Ubuntu. Read More »

The Long Now Foundation is an interesting idea. Slower/Better instead of Faster/Cheaper.

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It can be tough finding worthy tee’s. 107 t-shirts for geeks that do not suck.

Davy Lawrence from Enormous blogs at Napolean Fantastic.

A funny political post.  Libertarians rock!!!  I heart you Becky C.