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Category Archives: Monetization

Ms Danielle posted these videos she recorded of Ad Tech.

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Cashmere Plus is a Drupal Ubercart store.

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Jeff Price tells his story of owning a record label for a decade, shutting it down, and starting

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Jonathan Coulton becomes an internet rock star.

Here’s a site with some good landing page designers.. Some of the landing pages they’ve produced have been top converters.

Here’s an interesting video sales presentation with a guy standing on the left side of column of a real estate website.

Cozie Swimwear uses Joomla for its shopping cart with a nice web 2.0 type design.

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Here’s a site which produces cheap banner ad’s for your online advertising.

Here’s some landing page tips from Wicked Fire:

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Adam Gilchrist’s website has a nice pre-sell for the design company who did his website.

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Ebay Pulse reveals the most popular searches and the largest stores on Ebay. Ebay still has some of the cheapest targeted traffic for ecommerce stores around.

ClickTale allows you to record and see what uses do when they visit your website.

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Jonathan Mendez comments on landing page optimization for 2008.

Stuffed Tracker is an alternate to Mint Stats.

A neat graph of a leads, conversions, sales funnel.

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Set your Ubercart up with a grid view, with this grid view catalog module.

Web money making machine Chris Pirillo has a proven strategy for making money out of videos.

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Powerful fundamental traffic generation and monetization strategy discussed at Master New Media.

ballerina flats

Was checking out some sites with a fashion slant.

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The longtail of blogging appears to not hold much money.  Certainly not in adsense, but small blogs that target specific niches selling products or services direct can be highly profitable for small businesses.

The suck thing about Wikipedia is that people plagiarized a whole bunch of content from other sites to write articles. There were backlinks as references but then Jimmy Wales added nofollow to all outbound links.

Wikipedia dominated search results and the reference articles that were plagiarized saw little benefit. Google now launched knol as a wikipedia beat down.

I guess this is karma for Jimmy Wales who is about to launch a commercial search engine off the back of his wikipedia site.

Did Clive Thompson coin the term ‘Microcelebrity’? If he did, what an a-hole. Wish I thought of that one.

Workers are slacking more than ever before in terms of free loading internet usage at work. (research).

The only solution is start paying workers by results.

The top 5 Viral Videos 2007.

These are all commercials from corporations. Are these really the top 5 viral videos?

Just today I read a quote about the internet, making money, and depression that stopped me cold. What does this paragraph mean for you, your personal brand, your business?

And why you maybe spending more time online ‘social networking’ than you ought to be if you want both better general well being and more money.

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