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Read some interesting notes on Nassim Taleb.

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Nice web 2.0 theme from Snipplr.

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Billions are spent on advertising products to women to help maintain a youthful appearance when better results could be had for free by simply having sex four times per week.

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I came across a guy named Clark Covington offering Custom Press Releases for $97.00.

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Jonathan Mendez comments on landing page optimization for 2008.

Fascism is on the rise throughout the world.

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Interesting article on Military Keynesianism.

WP Calendar for WPMU. WordPress Mu.

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heath ledger joker dead

Australian actor Heath Ledger has been found dead in his apartment at the age of 28.

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Here’s a tutorial which shows how to get Amazon MP3 Downloader working on Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon with Wine. An official linux version is in development and will appear here when released.

A recent study showed that daily ejaculation can potentially increase fertility in human males.

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Level 3 Accounting is looking to reveal massive Wall Street scams in 2008.

The Andaman Islands still have tribes that so far has resisted outside influences. Included in this initial description is a map of world heights.

The shocking truth is that the real value of American wages have halved since 2001.

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TV and popular opinion twist him towards thinking that it is the public view of himself – not his own private view – that really matters.

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On an interesting side note, with every heart beat a man generates an extra primed and ready 1000 sperm.

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This year I forgot how old I was and worked it out by my birth date 3 months before my birthday. I worked it out wrong and through I was a year older. My friend told me I was a year younger and I was totally stoked.

Am I suffering from human memory 2.0?

When Robertson asked his subjects to tell them a relative’s birth date, 87 percent of respondents over age 50 could recite it, while less than 40 percent of those under 30 could do so.

It can be tough finding worthy tee’s. 107 t-shirts for geeks that do not suck.

Collaborative online mind mapping from MindMeister.

Here’s a classic quote on Al Gore:

The Nobel Committee might as well have called it Al Gore’s Inner Peace Prize, given the way it seems designed to help him disown his lifelong ambition to become president in favor of a higher calling, as savior of a planet.

A list of branding and advertising Bloggers on

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Here are a list of some public relations bloggers on in no particular order.

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I’m going to kick your ass and get away with it.

I’ve lived in Australia for the past 3 years and I’ve never seen Aussie Cheese Fries anywhere?!?

dlisted is a drupal base celebrity gossip site with a nice simple theme.