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I say yes.  Facebook etc.  I know ordinary people who spend an hour or two a day on these sites quite easily.

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Is Social Networking best used as a feature?

 mark zuckerberg beacon

Some people are speaking harshly of Mark Zuckerberg but I’m sitting on the fence at the moment in most of the matters except one that I’ll talk about at the end of this article. At the end of the day the guys only 23 years old and he’s got a world of pressure on him at the moment. (Plus mega billion dollar signs in his eyes)

So what’s all this recent facebook hoohaa about?

Well there was the original controversy of him stealing the idea of facebook which has been in and out of court. An expose of sorts can be read about it here.

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Facebook fan pages for your blog are an interesting way to promote your blog.

Facebook is launching a new ad platform called SocialAds. Read all about it here.Facebook goes anti-social.

Two ways described in this blog how in how to make money with Facebook. Pink Ribbon Facebook App and Graveyards. This from a video talk by Millnic Media at the Facebook Developers Garage.

The Pink Ribbon Facebook app has 84,000 active users. It offers a toolbar download inside and money is made each time somebody downloads the toolbar Pink Ribbon gets 20% of the profits.

Facebook | Pink Ribbon

This site made an app for facebook to help fight cancer. It has a call theme similar to 24 ways.

LIVESTRONG and Fight Cancer with the Facebook App

Cool article about some kids who invented the Sticky app for facebook.

Who Wants to Be a Facebook Millionaire?

Boatloads of developers are signing up to the facebook platform.

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