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Category Archives: Facebook API

Here is a tutorial which explains how to build faster PyFacebook Facebook Apps. Will uses Django.

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Facebook fan pages for your blog are an interesting way to promote your blog.

VideoEgg pays $8 – $12 per thousand impressions according to an article I refer to in my who wants to be a facebook millionaire?

Ad Network – Overview | Videoegg

Two ways described in this blog how in how to make money with Facebook. Pink Ribbon Facebook App and Graveyards. This from a video talk by Millnic Media at the Facebook Developers Garage.

The Pink Ribbon Facebook app has 84,000 active users. It offers a toolbar download inside and money is made each time somebody downloads the toolbar Pink Ribbon gets 20% of the profits.

Facebook | Pink Ribbon

This site made an app for facebook to help fight cancer. It has a call theme similar to 24 ways.

LIVESTRONG and Fight Cancer with the Facebook App

Cool article about some kids who invented the Sticky app for facebook.

Who Wants to Be a Facebook Millionaire?

Boatloads of developers are signing up to the facebook platform.

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