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Category Archives: Drupal Development

How to redirect a form in drupal 6.

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This is the best Drupal blog tips I’ve ever seen. It’s got simple to understand Drupal Developer tips which are presented in an easy to read manner.

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Drupal 6 uses different methods for saving taxonomy for different taxonomy types.

For multiple select based taxonomy:


$nodeObj->taxonomy = array(2=>array(15,19));


nodeOb['taxonomy']['2'] = [15,19]

For tags based taxonomy:


$nodeObj->taxonomy = array(
  'tags' => array(

There is an issue with Drupal 6 menu router rebuild which causes Drupal to time out with 404 pages or internal 500.

The following fix worked for me:

Install Drupal Tweaks, increase php memory, and mysql recommendations etc

Download the following patches:

From command line copy patches to your root drupal directory.

cd to your root drupal directory and then apply the patches. Each time you will be asked where the file is for the patch and the actual path to the files to be patched will be provided in the command line. Just copy and paste each file path as presented into the prompt.

cp *.patch /home/drupal_directory/
cd /home/drupal_directory/
patch < no-router-blob-317775-56-D6.patch
patch < lock-251792-163-D6.patch

|--- includes/ (revision 7577)
|+++ includes/ (working copy)
File to patch: includes/

So in the above text you can see it gives you the path ‘includes/’. Just copy and paste that to where it says ‘File to patch:’. For each file it will provide you the correct path to the file assuming you are in the drupal root directory.

The final thing to do is to cp the file which is created to includes/

Drupal does not show the correct $node->path when a user is not authenticated in some drupal pages.

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I decided to make a list of potential hot themes to Ubercart.

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Drupal has some interesting Multisite configuration opportunities.

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Cashmere Plus is a Drupal Ubercart store.

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Drupal Webforms allows you to easily create questionaires, contact, request and register forms. Does it allow you to create multi-step forms?

Set your Ubercart up with a grid view, with this grid view catalog module.

dlisted is a drupal base celebrity gossip site with a nice simple theme.

This guy has a great blog.  Some clever thoughts in a lot of areas and a pretty design.

10 Tips for Optimizing MySQL Queries (That don’t suck) | 20bits

Another crisp Ubercart theme from

I’ve been testing out Ubercart which is a drupal module. I like the set up better so far than any other opensource php cart.

Nice Ubercart store from Blend Apparel

Blend Apparel: