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The fundamental blog layout can be pretty crap for converting visitors unless you have exceptional content that can’t be found anywhere else.

The ‘above the fold’ (top of the page before scrolling) area on most blogs is usually taken up by one story and a bunch of basic links in a sidebar. Layouts like Smh homepage are optimized to get a user to click on an article with a selection of images associated with articles.

Hot images can really help increase ctr. The band of images near the bottom of the fold on the shm is a proven converter.

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ballerina flats

Was checking out some sites with a fashion slant.

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Is Social Networking best used as a feature?

Charity Events. What are the demographics of people who attend charity events?

In Calgary 40% of businesses used charity events to entertain clients.

Just today I read a quote about the internet, making money, and depression that stopped me cold. What does this paragraph mean for you, your personal brand, your business?

And why you maybe spending more time online ‘social networking’ than you ought to be if you want both better general well being and more money.

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A list of branding and advertising Bloggers on

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Bloggers on talking Publicity.

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Dusignbugg offers some great branding and design services in Melbourne Australia.

I wish I was going to the blogworld expo to party with Ms Danielle but I’ll have to settle with the Melbourne Cup and Melbourne Wordcamp.

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Recruitment Agents are beginning to use social networking platforms like Facebook more and more to recruit staff.

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