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If you’d like to include scripts that get run on boot for Ubuntu Desktop you can use synaptic manager to load BootUp-Manager. 

This can be accessed through the >>System >>Administration >>BootUp-Manager menu.

You will be able to select or deselect scripts that are in the /etc/init.d/ folder to run on boot.  If you need to something to run that isn’t available in /etc/init.d/ I suppose you’ll have to create your own script.  Often when you install a program through apt or by compiling an sample init script will be created which is not copied to the /etc/init.d/ folder so you can search around for a sample init script or Google.

/etc/rc.local is the file to add scripts to run at boot time for Ubuntu Server.

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  1. a REally good explanation.
    I have nis installed on my ubuntu whish gets started automatically on boot.but it makes boot very slow .how to remove it from boot

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