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A little article here which gives a few great PR tips for press releases.

  1. Do not hire a PR firm – They work on a monthly retainer and have no motivation to get results. Journalists prefer to talk to business owners rather than an outsourced PR consultant.
  2. A Press Release is the Story – many journalists are overworked and if you give a complete press release that is not long and boring with a great headline and quotes they may just print it word for word.
  3. Work the phones not the wire – call journalists and establish a rapport. Writers get 100’s of emails a day. Call them. Do research on them.
  4. Local Papers are understaffed – work the local papers and remember they’re always looking for stories. Rule 2. Here’s an example.
  5. Make sure your story is interesting sexy and fun – don’t send worthless stories and make sure the person who calls is passionate.

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