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If you get the error:

mysqlimport: Error: Table ‘database.mydatabase’ doesn’t exist

Try using this instead, its a command that tells mysql to execute all of the mysql queries in the file. If you’ve exported or dumped your data usually all of the necessary table creating queries etc will be in this file.

user:~$ mysql db_name < database.sql

database.sql should be the full dump of your db. ‘db_name’ is the name of your database.



  1. After scratching my head trying to solve the above error. I think I finally fixed it.

    When installing OSCommerce, make sure you have ‘mysql’ as your database name if you are using the root super user.

    Database server – localhost

    Username – Root

    Password – ‘whichever passwod you set’

    Database Name – mysql

    Hope this helps

  2. Huge props for this handy bookmark!

  3. Thanks this was actually quite handy and you came up near the top in the Google Search. If others are left scratching your head, make sure to add -u root -p


  4. This command works from the command line which is fantastic, but I’m having problems getting same command to work from within batch file. It displays mysql usage.

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