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This is the best post I’ve seen on App Engine so far.

“Wow. With this tool, a smart small agile development team of three people could beta something like Twitter in a few days, or maybe Meebo in a few weeks, and release it, and if the world liked it, they could scale their app up to the planet, GoogleSizing it, with zero capex, zero sysadmin and zero hardware hassles, and simply pay for cycles/bandwidth/storage as it scaled, as it proved itself viable via revenue or pageviews or buzz or whatever. You’d build a layer between the code and the API to facilitate moving the app later to dedicated servers as needed if concerned about autonomy, but AppEngine slashes the VC needs of a startup even more — now the costs are really just people, no machines — and handles the scaling problem pretty far along the way.”

Now your web start up only needs an idea and a few programmers.

Got some hot ideas?

Get a team of 3 programmers together and have them develop 50 ideas over a year. Only one of them needs to be a hit.

AWS is awesome but you pretty much need a specialized admin on the payroll to get it working.


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