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Update: Seems PIL does not work on App Engine yet so you may want to grab the gdata python client and use picasa to host and manipulate your photos. Otherwise we’ll have to wait until Google includes it or someone tightens up PIL so its all native Python.

How to manipulate images in Python on Google App Engine?

A lot of people from other programming backgrounds like to use ImageMagick so they look for PythonMagick, however, many people with a Python background prefer to use PIL or Python Imaging Library because Image Magick and PythonMagick are not well supported or maintained.

I’m certainly no Python master but I found PIL to be a nice and easy imaging library to use.

According to Google you can:

…include other pure Python libraries with your application by putting the code in your application directory. If you make a symbolic link to a module’s directory in your application directory, will follow the link and include the module in your app.


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