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Here’s some landing page tips from Wicked Fire:

Let’s keep this short and sweet.

1. Make the call to action beautiful and big. Put it above the fold. Give it center stage (no, not literally in the middle of the page). Think of it as the sun of the landing page universe. Everything revolves around the CTA. Make no bullshit about it. Use arrows to point to the CTA when neccessary, but don’t overdo it. And please, no seizure inducing flashing.

2. Good ad/sales copy. In a few well-written paragraphs, tell exactly what the product/service is and why they need it. Use bulletpoints/arrows/whatever to highlight key points. Don’t fill the page with useless crap just to beat google’s QS. There are other ways around QS that don’t involve 25 useless articles (that will most likely bore your readers, btw). If you can’t write good sales copy yourself, there are plenty of skilled content writers here on WF who would be more than happy to write you some converting text.

3. Don’t make the page so big and complex that people have trouble figuring out what they’re supposed to click on. That’s the best way to lose a conversion. Simple is better. Keep the page clean, tight, and on track. Look at how the big guys do their LPs – notice the elegant simplicity?

4. Like everyone else said, test. Moving the CTA from right to left or top to bottom can impact conversions in strange ways. There’s a certain pattern the eye follows when seeing a new page for the first time. Research and learn this pattern. Implement it. There are a ton of little tricks like this you can use.

5. Use Crazyegg. The heatmaps will show you where your visitors are clicking, and guess what – sometimes you don’t even have anything linked up there. It would be wise to put a call to action on the hot spots. There’s a lot to learn, and trust me, you’ll find your visitors act in weirder ways than you can ever imagine.


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