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Fascism is on the rise throughout the world.

Now John Key the main opposition leader in New Zealand wants to start boot camps.

It’s either fascism or socialism in New Zealand.

Prime Minister Helen Clark wants to officially nanny everyone up to the age of 18. This will further disguise unemployment rates in New Zealand.



  1. Thanks for the link to the Standard.

    Just a note on unemployment, it’s down 87% since 1999. There’s no disguising that achievement.

    Sickness and invalids are up, but no more than they were rising under National (aging population etc) and are a tiny fraction of the reduction in unemployment.

  2. How many of those jobs created were government jobs or jobs with SOE’s?

    Most of them.

    These types of ‘jobs’ are merely glorified unemployment benefits that add no real economic productivity to the country.

    Real income for a young man in his 30’s is down from 30 years ago.

    Families have struggled to increase their standards of living, first by putting women to work…second, by working longer hours…third, by turning to credit. The DPB also has a lot to answer for.

  3. Honestly mate, you should do some research. There is no evidence in anything you’ve said, just common prejudice better suited to talkback.

    The growth in jobs has been in all sectors of the economy – it’s not due to any government make-work scheme you’re suggesting. SOEs are run as commercial businesses and the government can not direct them to hire staff.

    Yes, real income is largely static from 30 years ago as a result of National’s Employment Contracts Act in the 1990s, which smashed the unions and depressed real wage growth. Wage growth still isn’t as high as I’d like but it’s a darn site better than it was under the ECA.

    DPB numbers are down 15,000 since 1999.

  4. With so many people working there should be pressure on wage growth due to the supply demand factor.

    But wages growth cannot be had without business growth. New Zealand’s economic growth has been ok over the last decade but poor when you compare to countries of comparative size like Ireland, Israel, and Singapore.

    What’s more most of this growth has been funded by consumer spending and debt. Not through increased productivity or export growth.

  5. It’s a fact.

    State sector jobs have increased dramatically since Helen came on the scene. What’s more they’re high paying jobs with high wage increases than the private sector.

    Most of these jobs are paper shuffling, advisory, and report writing jobs. Wastrels of tax payer money.

    They dole out their money to all kinds of private contracting leach businesses who make most of their money from the government.

    It’s a rort and that’s why countries like Ireland, Singapore, and Israel have got ahead of us.

  6. Ireland is pumped full of EU subsidies, is located in Europe and has free access to EU markets.

    Singapore is a small authoritarian city state located in the centre of one of the world’s busiest shipping straights. There’s a reason it was founded there – it’s a natural centre of business.

    Israel I can’t tell you much about. But New Zealand’s economic growth has been up there with the best in the world and comparable to Australia.

    Your recycled lines about ‘paper shufflers’ are again, like all your comments so far, fact-free. The fact is wages collapsed under National and the wage gap with Australia opened up. Under Labour wages have risen and the wage gap has stabilised and even started to close.

    And hey, you say “With so many people working” just after a post where you argued unemployment figures were being masked. How does that make any sense?

  7. Dude, you make it so personal… like a politician. So lets get personal.

    You love Labour.

    I mean you really admire them. You wouldn’t be so upset about my comments if you didn’t.

    Fair enough if you respect their policies and political achievements, but to love them and passionately defend them with spite?

    What I write is just an opinion. My thoughts and writings are neither damaging you nor the Labour party.

    I neither love Labour nor loathe them. They are par for the course when it comes to New Zealand politics.

    I’m surprised you see a difference between Labour and National etc. I know you’re intelligent. But this is an emotional issue for you so it clouds your judgement.

    All of these parties are about dolling money out to varying degrees.

    And why are you so offended if I have a different political opinion to yours? It certainly makes no difference to me that your opinion is different to mine.

    BTW Vietnam and Malaysia have the same geographical localities as Singapore and I see they haven’t made anywhere near as much money.

    You turn your nose up at ‘authoritarian’ Singapore but I’d bet if you had the choice between living in Singapore or the Democratic Republic of East Timor for the next 10 years, you’d choose Singapore.

    In short, there are plenty of poor, third world countries in the same geographic area as Singapore. Singapore maybe strict, but it has a comfortable standard of living for the populace with access to cheap, quality, health care and education.

    As far as Ireland goes, there are plenty of other economies in the EU who have the benefit of subsidies, and the location advantage who have been largely stagnant for the last decade. France, Germany, Italy etc

    Israel has got ahead of New Zealand despite being in a virtual perpetual state of war.

    New Zealand has had a massive account deficit for years. All of New Zealand’s economic growth comes from credit and consumption, not by making things and selling them.

    The basics such as buying a house, energy and food, are now far more expensive than 30 years ago as a percentage of income.

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