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The shocking truth is that the real value of American wages have halved since 2001.

Since 2001 the dollar price of oil and gold have run in almost perfect tandem. Gold has risen 239% while oil has risen 267% against the dollar.

Basically an 1/8 of an ounce of gold still buys a barrel of oil like it did in 2001. Other commodities like wheat, soy beans, and cotton are also at the same price in gold terms. But in dollar terms they cost twice as much – or more.

Most Americans are completely unaware that the dollar has lost more than half its value against most other currencies. Canadian dollars are already worth more and other dollars like the New Zealand and the Australian dollars are set to surpass the dollar in value by the end of 2008.

While the dollar has halved its value American salaries have barely gone up. The dollar now buys half of what it did in 2001 in almost every basic food or material commodity. Meanwhile the cost of oil in terms of the Euro and other countries has risen moderately. People in Europe barely notice the effects of the oil price because a barrel of oil hasn’t tripled in price for them.

American debt to China, Japan and Saudi Arabia (and other Arab countries) is increasing exponentially as Government spending and Consumer spending has gone wildly out of control. How does it make you feel that these countries are now your bankers?

The American Dollar and built up wealth has been ruined and anyone who was responsible and saved their money has seen their savings drop in real terms by half. You can buy half as much as what you used to be able to.

Who is responsible?

Each person is 100% responsible for their own situation. You cannot blame the government. The constitution was designed to keep government powers at a minimum.

It was American citizens who allowed each successive government to disobey the constitution more and more.

Each and every American citizen is responsible for the ruin of the dollar and American wealth by allowing each successive government to ride roughshod over the constitution.

The American constitution is the greatest governing document every created in the history of humanity and now it is almost dead.


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  1. Dear US worker,

    thank you for your money.

    Kind regards,


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