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Some crackin wordpress mu home page themes.

  1. ByJournal P4 – 2,920 pages
  2. AzFans P0 – 106 pages
  3. BetRaise P4 – 34 pages
  4. Corkd P7 – 93,000 pages
  5. EduBlogs P7 – 197,000 pages
  6. Something P3 – 4,240 pages
  7. BlogPharm P3 – 150 pages
  8. Hadithuna P4 – 8,330
  9. Betabug P5 – 1,150 Pages
  10. Blogpolitik P3 – 644 Pages
  11. DiscoverFishing P3 – 194 Pages


  1. Wow, thanks for the link. Though, to tell you the truth, I found this post while trying to find a different theme for Not that I think the current site looks bad, just that it’s fairly cumbersome, especially when I want to add something new.

    Thanks again!

  2. hmm 🙂 mentioned here… thanks =)

  3. hello,

    where i can find a beatifull wordpress mu home theme..


  4. Thanks for sharing. Please check out this NEW wordpress MU site with custom home theme

  5. Cool List but no free home themes available for download yet , iam surprised ?

  6. Nice Themes.
    Check my MU Homepage

  7. These wordpress mu homepages are realy cool, but I was searchig for downloadable thems for wordpress mu. I am trying to find some themes for my new instaled mu wordpress.

  8. you could see my default theme at Please suggest for improvement.

  9. I’m looking for a WordPress MU developer to help me with a project. Please email inquiries with links to pages developed by you to

    Site contents required – MU blog, Adsense across site, custom home page, forums, news scraper, paid classified area, affiliate products page, links page

  10. LOL, Good

  11. yes wordpress mu is a good tool for tuition sites

  12. How can I download one theme for home page of WordPress MU ???

    I see many sites with wp mu and they use same beautiful and powerful themes with plagins

  13. See my WordPress MU Site at Free Public Blog Site.


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